Speisen und Getränke




French court plate bouquet of seasonal salads
with scampis, smoked salmon,
poultry tureen & garden fruits

€ 11,00

Caesar´s Salad
fresh leaf salads with turkey stripes,
parmesan and crôutons

€ 9,80

Nicoise salad
fresh leaf salads with tunafish,
olives, anchovies and egg

€ 9,80


Iced melon- potato soup
with chervil and double cream

€ 6,50

Duck consommé
with root vegetables and meat cubes

€ 6,50


Fish and Chips
 stone shrimps and  smoked salmon,
seasonal vegetables bouquet, mango cocos dip

€ 18,00

Havel pike-perch on the skin fried,
tarragon lemon foam,
leaf spinach and wild rice mixing

€ 18,50


Pork medaillons in beer sauce
home made spätzle, seasonal vegetables

€ 17,50

Vienna schnitzel in the crunching coat,
potato cucumber salad, cranberries and lemon star

€ 19,00

Filled tournedo wit ducks liver cream,
crêpes chou bun with summer vegetables,
morel cream and pink pepper

€ 21,00


French raw milk cheese
with dried plums and pumpernickel

€ 9,80


Fresh fruit salad
with williams christ pear sorbet

€ 5,50

Original viennese raisin omlet cut up into pieces,
plums, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream
waiting time 20 minutes

€ 6,50


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